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Animal Welfare Act (247/1996)

Chapter 2 - Keeping of animals
Section 33 - Slaughter and related procedures
(1) No undue distress, pain or suffering may be caused to the animal when it is handled or kept at the slaughterhouse, place of slaughter or other place in connection with slaughter, stunning or bleeding. The animal must be appropriately stunned or killed before bleeding. However, for religious reasons a special method of slaughter where bleeding is started simultaneously with the stunning of the animal is allowed as set down in further detail by Decree. No other procedures related to the slaughter may be performed on the animal before it is dead.
(2) Approved slaughterhouses and places of slaughter must have an appropriate facility for stunning and bleeding of animals which are significantly ill or injured.
(3) Further provisions on the qualifications of the persons who perform the slaughter and procedures preceding it, facilities for handling animals at the slaughterhouse or place of slaughter, treatment and handling of animals in connection with slaughter and stunning and bleeding may be issued by Decree. It may also be provided by Decree that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry may issue further provisions on them.

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