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Act on subsidies to religious communities

SFS 1999:932

Promulgated 25 November 1999.
pursuant to a decision by the Riksdag the following is prescribed.


Section 1

This Act contains provisions on state support to religious communities. Support can be given in the form of government grants and in the form of help from government agencies with the administration of fees to registered religious communities.

Purpose of support

Section 2

The support should help to create conditions in which religious communities can pursue active and long-term activities of a religious nature in the form of services, pastoral cure, religious instruction and care.

Conditions for receiving government grants

Section 3

Government grants may only be awarded to a religious community that :
1. contributes to maintaining and strengthening the fundamental values upon which society is based, and
2. is stable and plays an active role in the community.

Decisions about government grants

Section 4

The Government shall decide which religious communities may receive government grants.
The Government or an authority authorised by the Government may communicate instructions on the allocation of government grants.
If a religious community receives support of the kind referred to in Section 5, this shall be taken into account when government grants are allocated.

Help from government agencies with administration of fees to registered religious communities

Section 5

Provisions on help from government agencies with the setting, debiting and accounting of fees to the Church of Sweden and other registered religious communities and with the collection of fees can be found in the Act on Religious Communities (1998:1593) and the Act on Fees to Registered Religious Communities (1999:291).

This Act enters into force on 1 January 2000.

(Translation : Swedish Government Offices, Information Department)