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Constitution of the Republic of Estonia of 28 June 1992


Article 12

Everyone is equal before the law. No one shall be discriminated against on the basis of nationality, race, colour, sex, language, origin, religion, political or other opinion, property or social status, or on other grounds.
The incitement of national, racial, religious or political hatred, violence or discrimination shall, by law, be prohibited and punishable. The incitement of hatred, violence or discrimination between social strata shall, by law, also be prohibited and punishable.

Article 40

Everyone has freedom of conscience, religion and thought.
Everyone may freely belong to churches and religious societies. There is no state church.
Everyone has the freedom to exercise his or her religion, both alone and in community with others, in public or in private, unless this is detrimental to public order, health or morals.

Article 124

Estonian citizens have a duty to participate in national defence on the bases of and pursuant to procedure provided by law.
A person who refuses to serve in the Defence Forces for religious or moral reasons has a duty to perform alternative service pursuant to procedure prescribed by law.

Article 130

During a state of emergency or a state of war, the rights and freedoms of a person may be restricted, and duties may be placed upon him or her in the interests of national security and public order, under conditions and pursuant to procedure prescribed by law. The rights and freedoms provided by § 8, §§ 11-18, paragraph 3 of § 20, § 22, § 23, paragraphs 2 and 4 of § 24, § 25, § 27, § 28, paragraph 2 of § 36, § 40, § 41, § 49 and paragraph 1 of § 51 of the Constitution shall not be restricted.

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